Web Solutions

Website Maintenane and Support

Many times, a company or individual will design or create a website for a business and then make you wait weeks for updates to your site. Other companies offer to provide you with a website, and then expect you to manage complicated changes and updates using an even more complicated and costly CMS (Content Management System).

Website maintenance is the largest part of our customer service work - done behind the scenes to help keep your site online and up to date with quick turn around time and reliable, discreet service. We can coordinate all of your web services including maintenance, hosting and domain services!

Some small businesses and companies can't afford to have a trained, full-time person on staff to make changes and updates to their website once a month. Mirror Images can provide maintenance services for your business website, at an affordable rate, as needed. Contracted services give you or your company a lower rate and priority service. Turn-around time on basic changes or updates is 24-48 hours, and in most cases the work is done the same day! Sites not hosted on our servers will have a slightly higher rate for maintenance.

Website is an identity of our customer and their business; therefore, website must remain up-to-date and in tune with the current business. Understanding this reality, we provide web design and maintenance services.

Under an Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement, we provide the following services for a website:

Alteration (addition/deletion) of website content

Addition / deletion of sections / pages on the website

PDF generation and Document uploading

Client-supplied image enhancements and addition

Do not lose business due to antiquated website, instead contact us and let us help you keep your website current with your business.

Designing of WebPages for adverts/Latest news and upload to the website

Ensure the website is up and running every day and all the time.

Creating New web pages and uploading to the website, when need arise.

Making minor changes on the website like adding new updated features and links including photos etc.

Solving email problems.

Editing of the images before are uploaded to the website.etc

Creating animated adverts for uploading to the website.

Providing technical support to staff on how to access different functionalities in the website.