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Software Development

Software Development has always has been one of our core capabilities and our ICT consultants ,our Staffs have worked on some of the biggest software development projects in Tanzania.

LOLUTECH has developed deep skills in software design and development across a range of technologies and capabilities. We understand the business requirements for efficient and effective software development solutions.

We can design and develop effective software solutions to help you solve complex business challenges or automate manual processes. We have skills in the following software development technologies:


Microsoft Applications(Excel, Access,SQL server).


Business such as providing software development services is on the rise, and Tanzania has witnessed massive growth of many organizations working in the Information Technology sector. We are known to be the best, because of our customer satisfaction approach and remarkable performance. LOLUTECH is a an outsourcing company offering a full range of custom software development services for a wide variety of business domains. Our LOLUTECH team has highly skilled and experienced professionals Staffs who can develop programs and software applications for your desktop and web based interfaces. LOLUTECH has the ability to provide you custom-built applications for your most complex Challenges. It is for this reason that we are trusted by our clients as the best software companies in Tanzania.