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Domain Registration

As the ways to run a business continue to evolve, having a website with a good domain name is like presenting a good shop front to your customers. Unlike a shop, however, your site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is brought directly to their desktop. There is huge potential in using a website as an aspect of your business, and having a domain name is an integral part of that model

Your website can offer your customers detailed information on your products or services, with no need for ill-informed or inexpert sales people. They need not wait in line to ask questions or make purchases; all of this is instantly available to them at the touch of a button.

Once you have a domain name, your business can be improved in several ways. Firstly, your traffic is bound to increase, as search engines and directories often prefer sites with their own Domain Names, and your customers will be more likely to remember and type in a catchy domain name. WA domain name adds professional authenticity and respectability, because it is not associated with any other companies. Email is an excellent way of dealing with queries and requests from your customers, because you can priorities those you answer first according to urgency; if only that was possible with telephone calls or customers in a real-life shop environment. First-come-first-serve is no longer necessary, because customers will not feel neglected if you come to their email last. hat is more, you can use your domain name in your email addresses, and have many specific email addresses relating to several departments, which gives a sense of a large and professional company – even if you are just one person working out of your front bedroom.

Starting a website and registering a domain name are easy, cost-effective processes which can make a huge difference to your business. LOLUTECH has experts which can check out whether domains are available for you and organize the whole registration process. The low cost of registering a domain name is a small risk in comparison to the likely benefits.