Smart Asset

Smart Assets is an enterprise Fixed Assets Tracking and Management software to track and manage the Fixed Assets Software. Smart Assets™ software has modules for tracking of the fixed assets and Depreciation of the Fixed Assets.
Some important features of Smart Assets™ are

Sub-asset tracking with respect to individual assets

Revaluation of assets.

Captures Purchase information

Records custodian and department responsible for the asset

Asset cost with breakups

Insurance and Service contract with pre-closing options.

Insurance coverage of the assets.

Recording the maintenance costs of individual assets.

Vendor management.

Management of leased, Bonded and written off assets..

Transfer of Assets with acknowledgement..

More than 60 depreciation, including Depreciation Schedules for Companies act, Income Tax Act and US GAAP. Reports on transactions including outward movement of assets, Service contracts of assets, Asset History, etc and listing reports.

User definable advanced querying facility. .

Multiple depreciation systems including GAAP.

Depreciation Schedule statements complying with the Income Tax and companies act requirements.

Depreciation calculation for Income Tax, Company Act and many more…

Multiple periods for periodical reporting.

Advance Security features - Role based securities.

Asset Verification

Bar coding

Import facility from Excel.

Benefits of using Smart Assets

  • SmartAssets ,Features Improved AssetManagement
  • Identification of assets and its sub-assets to its location and department will easily enable the organization to control the Fixed Assets effectively. By capturing the image of the asset, easier identification and mistaken replacement of assets can be avoided. Smart Assets also allows you to keep track of the insurance and service with respect to the vendors. A powerful system, to handle the scrapping and disposal of the assets, with an approval system for better management. The Smart Assets will also help in tracking the performance of the asset, with respect to its annual maintenance costs.
  • Deprecation Calculations and Tax Calculations
  • Calculates depreciation for multiple depreciation systems, including Companies Act, Income Tax Act and international GAAP system. Provision for creating depreciation forecasting systems.
  • Reduced Misappropriation
  • While no software can prevent theft of assets, a powerful System in place, however will often act as a deterrent to misappropriation.
  • Role Based Securities
  • Smart Assets has incorporated powerful role-based security levels, whereby the access to the software, will be offered to the user to the role of the user in the organization. Access to screens, action related to the screens like adding, deleting and modifying an information of an assets or reports can be offered or prevented as per the users requirements.
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Over 60 reports which includes reports on depreciation, tracking, listing and graphs.
  • Query
  • A powerful query with multiple filters allowing the users to save queries and reports as per their needs. The query facility is user definable which can be set as per the needs. Multiple filters and conditional filters are providing an accurate report.